So, you're planning a wedding and you need flowers. And you have questions. The two big questions are.....

How much is this gonna cost? Well.... it depends. Depends on the size of your bridal party, your guest list, your venue, and what you like. If you just want bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, maybe a flower crown or two,  and for us to deliver that stuff to you. You're probably in the $600-800 range, most of the time.  If you want all of that stuff plus some simple centerpieces, you're probably approaching $1500-2000. And now we're going to add in a nice arbor for the ceremony, stuff for the aisle, some bigger centerpieces,  a room flip during cocktail hour, and a clean up at the end of the night. This is going to be tough to do for less than $3000, for an average sized wedding.

What level of service do you offer? We are super flexible on this one because everyone is different and wants different things. We offer all levels of service and charge you for what you need. Seriously! If you want loose flowers and no design services, that's great. If you only want stuff for the church and you want your dad to pick it up from the studio, also great. If you want us to design everything, provide rentals, deliver to multiple locations, and arrange to have your flowers donated afterwards, we think that is super great.