Do you only use locally grown flowers?

I try to use as much WI grown as I can but I also use a lot of flowers from the west coast and the southern US. Especially during the chillier months of the year.

Locally grown wedding flowers? What's that all about?

I try my best to source flowers and foliage from as close to home as possible. During the peak growing season (May-October) nearly everything comes from Wisconsin, maybe a little from northern Illinois. If you want something like garden roses or those giant hydrangeas, let me know. I can get them the same as any other florist but it is not something that I incorporate into my designs unless you ask. These I'll source form the west coast but never from overseas (which is where most local stores and florists get their flowers -- even in the summer!!) As we head into and out of winter I will source from the west coast and the south. Or maybe from Canada (that doesn't count as overseas, right?) where there are a good number of greenhouse growers, and Canada is a lot closer than California.

How much should I budget for my flowers?

That depends on how much stuff you want and how big you want that stuff to be. This is my average pricing for common items based on what most people ask for. It can be more or less depending on size and complexity, especially for the bouquets, centerpieces, and altar pieces.

  • Bridal bouquet $125-225
  • Bridesmaids $65-95
  • Boutonnieres $12-15
  • Corsages $18-35
  • Flower crowns $50-150
  • Flower girl $30
  • Centerpieces $35-95
  • Greenery garlands $15 per foot
  • Bud vases $5-20
  • Large arrangements $75-250
  • Altar $150-500
  • Aisle (each) $25-50
  • Delivery $150-400
  • Clean up $250+

Events on Sundays and holidays will be subject to an additional service charge.


When will I know what flowers you are using?

The short answer is when I show up with them. The longer answer is that you will have a general idea about what I will use after we meet. I have been at this long enough to know what will likely be available during most of the year. But I am left to the whims of Mother Nature, which means so are you. My natural and just-picked style can be attributed to the fact that I do not dictate what will be in your bouquet until I get my hands on some flowers that week. Things don't always fit together like I thought they would or like Pinterest made it look like they should. This is nature we're dealing with not Legos. I want to create something beautiful and unique for you and not be boxed in by a specific and predetermined flower list.  That being said, I am a reasonable person. If dahlias are your favorite I will get you dahlias. If they show up looking less than perfect I would prefer not to use them and substitute a flower with a similar color or shape.

How does this whole thing work? What should I bring to a consultation?

When we meet you should have your date and venue taken care of already. You will tell me what you need and your ideas on color and style. If you have specific ideas bring along some examples (or email them to me ahead of time): color swatches, photos on your phone, a Pinterest link, a picture of your dress or bridesmaid dresses. This is helpful but not necessary as we will look through my portfolio to figure out what you like best. Then I will come up with an itemized quote within a few days of our meeting. You will look it over and decide if you want to make some adjustments and let me know. To book the day I require a 20% payment with the rest due a month before the big day.

I have to make some changes to my order, is that OK?

Totally OK. Everyone makes some changes. Small changes like adding a couple of corsages or even slight color modifications can all wait until about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. We will meet again to firm up the plan, revisit colors and finalize quantities on everything. Let me know about big changes as soon as you can. Changes like "I was planning to do all of the 25 centerpieces myself but I changed my mind. Now I want you to do them and also deliver them... and while you're there will you set up the escort cards?" Sure we can do all of that stuff but if you wait until 4 weeks before the wedding to ask we might already be booked for another event.

Do you rent out vases so we don't have to buy them?

Absolutely! You are probably never going to need 25 vases again. I have so much cute stuff that you can use to really make the look your own. Vases, urns, vintage bottles and jars. Boxes we made from my grandpa's old barn. Table numbers, candles, lanterns, moss, sticks, and wood stumps. Stands, arbors, and even a chuppah. The list goes on and on.

Are locally grown and seasonal flowers less expensive?

Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t. Things like daisies and carnations and even roses can be produced inexpensively all year in South America. So, technically, they are always in season. Higher labor costs and seasonal weather in this country make prices for some items higher. My favorite example of how the seasonality vs. price thing works is with peonies. While in season you can get armloads out of your own garden, but if you want them in August or December they will have to be shipped from Alaska or New Zealand. Frequently the care and handling it takes to get them here will cost more than the actual flower itself.

Who needs corsages (or boutonnieres)?

The choice is entirely yours -- it’s your party and your money.  You could ask some people who might be receiving one how they feel about it. A lot of times moms don’t really care and most of the time the guys don’t either. I have done weddings with none, some where only the groom gets one, some where the moms and groom get them, some where just the groom and groomsmen get them, and some where the groom, groomsmen, parents, godparents, grandparents, ushers, readers, step-parents, musicians, and ring bearer all get one. There is a lot of wiggle room in this area.



Buckets of seasonal and locally grown floral elements for you to arrange yourself. Each bucket contains about 70-100 stems in a balanced mix of flowers, herbs, foliage, and grasses in different shapes and sizes -- everything that you need to create nice arrangements. They will be in a color range/theme of your choosing. I don’t take overly specific orders; it’s just too difficult to predict exactly what I will be able to get my hands on at any time. So I am looking for a request like “lots of purple and green, elegant garden look” or “sunflower inspired with lots of color” or “white and green, lots of texture”.

$95 per bucket. Available late May-mid October.


How many stems come in a bucket?

I would estimate 70-100. Some stems have lots of flowers, some have only one.

How many arrangements can I make?

It depends on your vases. As a reference, you could do 5-15 quart sized mason jars depending on fullness wanted. That being said I usually like to say an average of $10 per arrangement is a good medium amount of flowers for a quart-sized mason jar. I would also estimate one bucket could do a modest bride’s bouquet, a few small bridesmaids, and a handful of boutonnieres.

Can I pick out all the flowers?

No. These buckets are purely seasonal and what is available at the time. If you have likes and dislikes I will do my best to accommodate them. If you want lots of sunflowers, peonies, dahlias, etc. please contact me as they are priced per stem. Some will wind up in your bucket but if you want lots it will be a separate order.

What is the price per stem or bunch?

I generally only price larger and more expensive flowers per stem; everything else is sold by the bunch. Most bunches are ten stems and cost $10-18. Per stem prices vary with the weather and variety. Here are some per stem price ranges for commonly requested flowers:

  • Peonies $3-7
  • Sunflowers $1-2.50
  • Dahlias $2-5
  • Hydrangea $2-5

How long will the flowers last?

4-10 days, though most will last for a week if properly cared for. My flowers are super fresh and always stored in the cooler. I know a lot of people think that flowers only last a day. It’s just not true, at least it shouldn’t be if you are getting them from a reputable business.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

No. Just don’t store them in a hot and sunny area -- an air conditioned room or basement is ideal. All stems need to remain in water. And it also helps to keep them away from pets and kids,

When should I pick them up?

A day or two before the event. Let me know if you need more time so that I can make sure you won’t have any overly sensitive flowers in your buckets.

Should I bring buckets?

That would be great. Make sure they are clean. Buckets, wastebaskets, plastic storage bins all work. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, I have plenty but do ask they get returned. I am committed to environmental sustainability and will re-use them until they are no longer useful.

Can you make my bridal bouquet and boutonnieres?

Absolutely! We will even deliver the day of the wedding if you like.

What are some good places for design advice?

There are tons of how to videos on YouTube. There are also lots of floral design books for sale out there, or you can check them out from the library. One that I highly recommend is Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers. It was written for people just like you and it even comes with some video tutorials.

Can you help us to get started?

I sure can. I charge $50 per hour with a 30 minute minimum. If you plan to pick up your flowers and want some advice, please plan for it and let me know so that I can also plan for it. If you would like to arrange a flower design party a day or two before the event please let me know.

How and when do I order?

I like to get orders about 6-8 weeks ahead of your date. I don’t usually have enough time to give you proper attention if you wait until the week of. Send me an email with the date and how many buckets and your preferred colors. Also a link to your Pinterest is helpful if you have one.



Reduce your impact and reuse some of our stuff -- we've got lots. This is just a sampling of the items we have available for you to use at your event (rental prices may apply). We are constantly adding to our inventory so schedule an appointment to see what's new.