dana dufek photography

dana dufek photography

pricing info

It all depends on how much stuff you want and how big you want that stuff to be. This is my average pricing for common items based on what most people ask for. It can be more or less depending on size and complexity, especially for the bouquets, centerpieces, and altar pieces.

  • Bridal bouquet $175-250

  • Bridesmaids $75-95

  • Boutonnieres $14

  • Corsages $35

  • Flower crowns $50-150

  • Flower girl $40

  • Low centerpieces $50-95

  • Elevated centerpieces $150-300

  • Greenery garlands $18-25 per foot

  • Bud vases $12-18

  • Ceremony $350-800

  • Aisle (each) $25-50

  • Delivery $150-400

  • Clean up $250+

Events on Sundays and holidays will be subject to a higher rate for delivery.


$95 per bucket. Available late May-mid October.

Buckets of seasonal and locally grown floral elements for you to arrange yourself. Each bucket contains about 50-75 stems in a balanced mix of flowers, herbs, foliage, and grasses in different shapes and sizes -- everything that you need to create nice arrangements. They will be in a color range/theme of your choosing. I don’t take overly specific orders, so I am looking for a request like “lots of purple and green, elegant garden look” or “sunflower inspired with lots of color” or “white and green, lots of texture”. If you want lots of bigger flowers like sunflowers, peonies, dahlias, etc. please contact me as they are priced per stem. Some will wind up in your bucket but if you want lots it will be a separate order.

Most flowers last fine without refrigeration. 4-10 days, though most will last for a week if properly cared for. I suggest you pick them up two days before your event.

How many arrangements you can make depends on your vases. As a reference, you could do 5-10 quart sized mason jars depending on fullness wanted.  I would also estimate one bucket could do a modest bride’s bouquet, a couple small bridesmaids, and a handful of boutonnieres.



how does this work?

We will have a meeting and talk about what you need/want. You will show me some pictures, I will show you some pictures.  you will tell me what you like and then I will come up with an estimate for you. You don't even have to know a thing about flowers. You can make some adjustments, and then I will take a 20% down payment to hold the day. Once the wedding gets closer we will revisit and revise the plan as needed. No big deal! And I have tons of vases, candles, table numbers, a couple arbors, some lanterns, etc. So don't worry about that. I have got you covered.

I do take multiple weddings most weekends. I have enough help during the summer that we can run 2-3 set up crews, depending on the size of each event. But I am the creative lead behind all events. Chances are pretty good that I'm making your bouquet but not your boutonnieres. That's Anastasia's job :)

flower choice/selection

I have been at this long enough to know what will likely be available during most of the year. But I am left to the whims of Mother Nature, which means so are you. My natural and just-picked style can be attributed to the fact that I do not dictate what will be in your bouquet until I get my hands on some flowers that week. Things don't always fit together like I thought they would. And pinterest can lead to unrealistic expectations. I will do my best to capture the feeling or look  you are going for while sticking to your budget. That doesn't mean you'll get everything thing you want. But it will be nice.

I want to create something beautiful and unique for you and not be boxed in by a specific and predetermined flower list.  That being said, I am a reasonable person. If dahlias are your favorite I will get you dahlias. If they show up looking less than perfect I would prefer not to use them and substitute a flower with a similar color or shape.