low key v-day 2019

So here is the thing about Valentine’s Day…. It’s not really my thing for a lot of reasons (some personal and some business). It is actually not a huge money maker but is a huge time investment. At least for me it is. That being said I do know there are people out there who want to support me and local farmers. And even people who sort of want to participate in v-day but in a less traditional way. So I am doing a low key v-day this year. I will have items for sale in my shop from 10-4. I won’t be doing any deliveries. I will have dried flowers, succulents and a limited amount of fresh flower. I will also open sales for my bouquet CSA and will have gift certificates printed for giving.

One more thing to note: I will not be answering my phone. There will be a lot of phone calls coming in for last minute flower orders. I have an outgoing message saying that I am closed for Valentines Day. Which I sort of am for the traditional type of shoppers. But to those of you in the know… I’ll be there. So if you need to get in touch please email. It is the easiest way for me to keep everything organized and to make sure I see your message.

happy gnome photography

happy gnome photography

Succulents and Cacti

Assorted sizes and shapes. All priced from $6-50. So there is a little something for everyone. The succulents are WI grown and the cacti come from CA.


Bouquet CSA

I will have gift certificates printed for this item. I don’t have all the dates figured out but you can click here for more details.


Dried flowers

Mostly locally grown, small dried flower and grass arrangements in amber glass. Prices range form $12-25.


Fresh flowers

A limited amount will be locally grown. I will also have these lovely Washington grown tulips in the house. Maybe a little other stuff.