low key v-day 2019

So here is the thing about Valentine’s Day…. It’s not really my thing for a lot of reasons (some personal and some business). It is actually not a huge money maker but is a huge time investment. At least for me it is. That being said I do know there are people out there who want to support me and local farmers. And even people who sort of want to participate in v-day but in a less traditional way. So I am doing a low key v-day this year. I will have items for sale in my shop from 10-3. I won’t be doing any deliveries. I also won;t really be taking any pre-orders. I will have dried flowers, succulents and a limited amount of fresh flower. I will also open sales for my bouquet CSA and will have gift certificates printed for giving.

happy gnome photography

happy gnome photography

Assorted cactus and succulents. The succulents are WI grown the cactus come from CA.

Prices range from $8-50. Most things are $25 or less.


Bouquet CSA

I don’t have the dates set for this year yet but the first pick up will likely be June 12 or 19.


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