Buckets of seasonal and locally grown floral elements for you to arrange yourself. Each bucket contains about 50-75 stems in a balanced mix of flowers, herbs, foliage, and grasses in different shapes and sizes -- everything that you need to create nice arrangements. They will be in a color range/theme of your choosing. I don’t take overly specific orders; it’s just too difficult to predict exactly what I will be able to get my hands on at any time. So I am looking for a request like “lots of purple and green, elegant garden look” or “sunflower inspired with lots of color” or “white and green, lots of texture”.

$95 per bucket. Available late May-mid October.


How many stems come in a bucket?

I would estimate 50-75. Some stems have lots of flowers, some have only one.

How many arrangements can I make?

It depends on your vases. As a reference, you could do 5-10 quart sized mason jars depending on fullness wanted. That being said I usually like to say an average of $15-20 per arrangement is a good medium amount of flowers for a quart-sized mason jar. I would also estimate one bucket could do a modest bride’s bouquet, a couple simple bridesmaids, and a handful of boutonnieres.

Can I pick out all the flowers?

No. These buckets are purely seasonal and what is available at the time. If you have likes and dislikes I will do my best to accommodate them. If you want lots of sunflowers, peonies, dahlias, etc. please contact me as they are priced per stem. Some will wind up in your bucket but if you want lots it will be a separate order.

What is the price per stem or bunch?

I generally only price larger and more expensive flowers per stem; everything else is sold by the bunch. Most bunches are ten stems and cost $10-18. Per stem prices vary with the weather and variety. Here are some per stem price ranges for commonly requested flowers:

  • Peonies $4-8

  • Sunflowers $2-3

  • Dahlias $4-8

  • Hydrangea $3-6

How long will the flowers last?

4-10 days, though most will last for a week if properly cared for. My flowers are super fresh and always stored in the cooler. I know a lot of people think that flowers only last a day. It’s just not true, at least it shouldn’t be if you are getting them from a reputable business.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

No. Just don’t store them in a hot and sunny area -- an air conditioned room or basement is ideal. All stems need to remain in water. And it also helps to keep them away from pets and kids,

When should I pick them up?

A day or two before the event. Let me know if you need more time so that I can make sure you won’t have any overly sensitive flowers in your buckets.

Should I bring buckets?

That would be great. Make sure they are clean. Buckets, wastebaskets, plastic storage bins all work. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, I have plenty but do ask they get returned. I am committed to environmental sustainability and will re-use them until they are no longer useful.

Can you make my bridal bouquet and boutonnieres?

Absolutely! We will even deliver the day of the wedding if you like.

What are some good places for design advice?

There are tons of how to videos on YouTube. There are also lots of floral design books for sale out there, or you can check them out from the library. One that I highly recommend is Fresh from the Field Wedding FlowersIt was written for people just like you and it even comes with some video tutorials.

How and when do I order?

I like to get orders about 6-8 weeks ahead of your date. I don’t usually have enough time to give you proper attention if you wait until the week of. Send me an email with the date and how many buckets and your preferred colors. Also a link to your Pinterest is helpful if you have one.