we are getting close

I know this is not a great blog so far but I promise it's about to start getting better. I am getting close to being an actual functional business. I still have a lot of work to do before it is actually open for business but it is getting close. I have jumped through most of the necessary hoops when starting a new business: registering with the state and federal governments, setting up email and social media, getting a phone number, signing a lease, building a website (not done yet but close.) Insurance and graphic design are nearing completion. Still on my list: set up a bank account, set up quickbooks, paint the walls, and move.

That moving part has gotten a little tricky since the occupancy permit has proven more difficult than I originally thought. Best case scenario it will be issued in two weeks after the last of four inspections (boiler, plumbing, building, electrical.) Worst case that busy electrical inspector finds something that needs to be fixed. By the time it's fixed and he comes back to sign off it could be another month. Keeping my fingers crossed.