introducing Wood Violet

It's a work in progress but I feel like it is a good time to officially announce my new business, Wood Violet. Since I am raising funds for a Kiva Zip loan, I figured I should show off the new digs which is why I am in need of said funds.

I decided at some point last year that it would be a good idea to separate my other business (Stems Cut Flowers) into two separate business. Just like so many of the restaurants around town, you have two or three different restaurants being run with a similar mission by the same people but each location has a slightly different focus. It makes marketing and branding a whole lot easier.

Stems will remain the farm where I grow my flowers and will continue to sell wholesale to florists (like Wood Violet) as well as at farmer's markets.

Wood Violet will be the new Milwaukee based studio taking over all retail sales. Pretty exciting! What type of retail are we talking about? Well all of the weddings and the handful of daily deliveries that I currently get. I also want to add more daily deliveries and seasonal open houses, since I probably will not keep retail hours, so people can pick up flowers for Easter, Mother's Day, fall decorating, etc. And, the part I am most excited about, workshops and classes.

April 1 is the date that I will begin the change over and I am shooting for an actual opening date of May 1, pending a timely issue of my occupancy permit.