Ok, so I am Emily (over there in the blue) and I own and operate Wood Violet. I am a tree hugger and taco lover (I mean, who isn't?!) I started a flower farm quite a few years back, and then one thing led to another, and I opened up this flower shop sort of thing. That's right I grow my own flowers.... well, some of them. I used to grow more but now I do so many weddings that I don't have the time. So I buy most of them these days. Usually from other local growers but sometimes from the wholesale shop like a regular florist.

Most of the time we work on wedding stuff but we like to deliver birthday flowers and the like if our schedule permits. We also love doing flowers for baby showers and other events. And we've been know to do a photo shoot or two. So who is this 'we' that I keep talking about. As my business grew I hired some people to help me. Mostly friends and family, sometimes my husband but he doesn't usually get paid :) I know that people say it's a mistake but I don't know where I would be without these guys.

And I know most of you are getting bored but if you're not, read on. There is info down there on local growers, how I try to keep things earth friendly, and what type of seasonal services I offer.



And here is the team.  From left to right:

Jenna: Does lots of delivery and set up on wedding days. Chances are pretty good that if you don't see me, you will see her. We do Art in Bloom together every year, sometimes our instrgram posts come from her, and she shows up after work to help me finish bridesmaid bouquets.

Anastasia: This girl is in charge of the boutonniere department. Oh boy, does she ever make some cute bouts! . She is getting her graduate degree in do-goodery so she is eventually going to phase herself out. But she is my second cousin in law, once removed so I know you will see her around on big wedding weekends for may years to come.

Emily: You already know who I am.

Emma: I am not even sure where to start with this one. She keeps me company, reminds me to eat lunch, makes corsages, ties up garlands, sticks around until the work is done. It's pretty great having a girl like this on your side. She is also skilled in the art of setting out centerpieces and lighting candles.

Jen: She is the reason the shop stays organized. She cleans up and puts things away (the right way) every week. She if also pretty great at packing up all of the flowers for delivery. Every week we are like "how did she get all of this in here?!" She is also about to graduate and move on to the real world. But she is my sister in law so I know she won't abandon me.